Powerbooks warehouse sale!

I received this from my email.

Sale at the Powerbooks Outlet Store!

Book lovers rejoice!

From February 2 to February 17, enjoy a 30% discount

on all regular items and up to 90% off on bargain

books at the Powerbooks Outlet Store.

Located at #25 Brixton St., Kapitolyo Subdivision, Pasig City (see attached map),

Powerbooks’ main office, where the outlet store is located, is not your typical dark,

humid, and hot warehouse location.

The well-lit and fully-airconditioned outlet store offers a wide range of perennial

bestsellers, classics, and bargain books properly organized in shelves and tables.

Customers can comfortably browse through the titles available and take this great

opportunity to expand their literary collections without going over budget.

The Powerbooks Outlet Store is open from Monday – Saturday,

10:00 am to 7:00 pm. For more details, call 490-1158.


Per DTI-NCR Permit No. A2-018, Series of 2007.

Warm Regards,

Powerbooks Team

Customer Service Hotline: 490-1158

Website: www.powerbooks.com.ph

Email: ibid@powerbooks.com.ph 

There might be books that will interest you!


Ive been sick for several days, the muscle pain subsided just today. I had a flu, I dont know where  i got it because theres no one in our house that has it. Too bad my son got my virus. Anyway Im still dizzy but need to do some things.

Hows the world now? 🙂

Cebu Sinulog 2007

Its a tiring weekend last week. Its a good thing that I have a photo buddy with me Larry my uncle. We arrived friday at Cebu and gone straight to register to Sinulog Foundation for the photo contest. After that we followed the procession and shoot the Festical queen that night. We were invited by my friend Marlvin to see the Cebu skyline but never had the time because the Festival Queen finished late.

January 21, the day of the grand parade (mardi gras) we ate our breakfast past 7am then shoot the prep on the Mango Ave. I took many shots of candids, candids of contingents. Then slowly proceeded to Avellana Sports Complex to take some action there. We exited near emall and found out that theres a huge shade there. We wandered that street and took early lunch. After the lunch that was the start of never ending walk from complex to Avellana.

Monday last day at Cebu,  I expected to shoot some nice sunrise at Fernan bridge but again never had time and was very tired of sudays grand parade. Goot thing i was able to show Larry the taoist temple and some historical places inside Cebu City.

Id like to share photos to you!

Cebu Sinulog 2007!

Il add more for the meantime pls visit my photos-philippines website

Few hours to go to Cebu

Ok I already packed my bag, I got 2 pipho shirts, 2 pambahay, 3 shorts, 4 briefs, 3 hankies, 1 maong pants and all the hygenic stuffs. I put inside the bag my tripod, together with the lens pouches. All the photography gears are inside my lowepro computrekker bag together with the borrowed p2000. Wohooo! Im excited!

Expect an update when i get back to Manila Monday!

Pit Senyor! I wish for GREAT weather!