End of 2006

4 hours from now and we will welcome the new year 2007. Year 2006 has been very good to me. It gave me a lot of new horizons and opportunities. One of the best year that I should never forget! I did achieve what i want this year although it could have been better.

Happy New Year to Everyone! 

Maligayang Bagong Taon! 

Welcome 2007 Im Hoping the best for all of us earthlings πŸ˜€

American War Memorial

Got the chance to visit Fort Bonifacio today. I was drooling on shooting this blissful place few days back. It was not planned at all it just so happened that Ill be driving to client to get a check. I invited my uncle to come along with me.
It was my first time there, very serene, quite and clean!

The timing was just right, the light behaves very well to take great shadows. There are too many geometries that i took, i guess its imprinted in my brain to take lots of lines and curvess. My eyes was also captivated by the array of Cross, the lone tree and blissful ambience makes me want to go back again.

Anyway my first take of American War Cemetery at Fort Bonifacio. May they “Rest in Peace”

All taken with Canon EOS 5d, Canon EF 17-40 f4L, Landscape Picture Style (all hand held).

Merry Merry Christmas!

We dont do Noche Buena, we (my family) together with my Parents, Brother his Wife and my Wife and Son spend the “salubong” hearing a mass. We go to church every year just about the clock turns to 12am Dec 25.
“Bless you with fast shutterspeed and large aperture. Continue to have low noise ISO and more photo opportunity to come. Merry Christmas to you and your family”

Yes i brought my camera πŸ˜‰


Argghhh i was bored today, no shoot no meeting. I only fixed my winPC computer again! Ok i think i did something productive, i re-organized my photo archives from all my external cases. And still right now im not finish πŸ˜€ and i need to go to sleep πŸ˜€ sighhhh

la falté

Manila Man

I really love this photo i shot last Saturday at Canon shoot & run event. The old man is sitting at the sidewalk of Sta. Cruz church. He already have a problem with his eyes, i think he can only glance us. At his age he still need to sell something for him to eat or probably to provide something for his love ones. I salute this type of persons.
I intendedly took this with the foot traffic and use slow syncrho to give that ghosting effect while maintaning sharpness on the subject.

Time moves fast!

Time is really moving fast, got the time to shoot my son indoor and outdoor. Its a simple point and shoot scenes on what he does now. Mennn he is big now, he can almost talk, he can understand what right or wrong, he can even act like crying. My heart really softens when i see him do little things that only a father can appreciate.

These was shot 2 days ago.

Raffy with “Apong Sendo” my grandfather mother side. I only see him frequently becuase he is residing in La Union

Raffy in his room… uhmmm our room ;D look at the walls hehehe. He is playing around with me.

Raffy at our hardware store. He is about to run.

This is Raffy in his 2nd day from his birth… time is moving so fast..
I love you Raffy! from your proud Dad πŸ˜‰