Back in PH

Back to the Island of the Philippines! Ah yes our HK gettoway is over, we came back home last tuesday and been busy doing things for our business. Its tiring because we only have 3 days and 2 nights, the schedule was so cramped, tour in the morning then shopping at night. Disneyland was nice, my wife and son enjoyed it as well as yours truly. I made some real nice nightscapes there that il be posting soon! Im very happy with that shoot. The food in Hong Kong is not cheap it almost doubles the prices in Mc donalds meal and public transportation compared to the Philippines. Whats cheap in Hong Kong is the gadgets (the electronic goods) Mong Kok is a mecca of gadgetries. I took home pouches, filters and some accessories. I wasn’t able to look for apple computers. We also didn’t have the time to watch the light symphony at Victoria Park. Well Im planning to go back there this year if ever i get a good bargain on airline ticket.

Ok heres the DAY 1 photos of our travel.

My love of my life at the airplanes window… Raffy was extremely excited

The train transfer to the other side of the airport.

We need to fill this up for the immigration

The double decker bus outside Cheng Lap Kok Int’l Airport

Our free breakfast at Mc Donalds

Cable cars at Ocean Park

Il add my first nightscape in Hong Kong later this morning.. watch out for it 😉

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