Cape Santiago, Parola, Calatagan, Batangas

This is one of the reason I joined the Calatagan group of Miss Earth. To capture the monumental tower of Cape Santiago.

I was hoping that it is more aesthetically pleasing than Cape Bojeador of Bangui, Ilocos Norte. It is good that they renovated it, but i think it would put more heritage if they restore the original brick tiles and stones. Anyway my personal project of shooting all the lighthouses of the Philippines was down to two and many more to go…
From Golden Sunset Resort, Cape Santiago is 30 to 45 minutes away. We woke up early 5am in the morning to catch magic light, along the way there are too many beautiful landscapes and interesting subjects to shoot. I saw two carabaos on top of the hill with the sunrise behind. I quickly stop the car and opted for a shoot. The road to Cape Santiago is quite rough fortunately the car I brought was high enough for the said terrain.
Theres funny story here with my kumpadre Ken, you see those two cows in front of the tower? We were bullied by these two live meats, we thought they are tied somewhere in the grass. These two cows was territorial they dont like us shooting there and after a few more minutes the young cow approached Ken then followed by the other one with the horn. Im just a meter away from Ken, Ken was slowly making an escape and so do I. We were talking to each other while we start to run because we dont know if they will continue to attack us if we run. Well luckily we are unharmed and right now as I post this Im ROTLMAO 😀 😀 😀 goddamn we were laughing to death from what happened… 😀

Lesson of the story don’t underestimate cow heads 😀

Cape Santiago

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