Blazing hot at AF3

It was blazing HOT at Batangas Racing Circuit! The sun burned our skins.
But what the heck it was a fun and enjoyable photo opportunity for shutter freaks like me. The 5D didnt let me down the 3fps is just enough for me, you only need to do some techniques. I positioned myself to the slowdown curves so that i can shoot the cars & bikes much slower.
Oh I saw Gaby De la Merced (yes the race car hot chick from the shampoo commercial), although ranked as the last car, she is gorgeous and seems nice!

Too bad all the Pinas Team didnt make it. Michelle Bumgarner had a spin as well as Dado Pena, Tyson Sy’s car broke down. Well anyway theres always a next time.

Here are some prep and stills from Asian Formula 3

More sets coming soon…

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