Bad day for monday!

I had a bad day today, one my “friend” assaulted me with his “egoistic” moves. He even accused me of doing things that i don’t. I came to realize thats theres yin & yang, there will always be enemies, there will always be people that don’t like you, there are person’s that only want their self interest.

Many people succeed, but yet many people will pull your leg from your success. Ito siguro yung inggit na tinatawag? I just don’t get it maybe thats why we really don’t have real peace here on earth. Maybe the martians & aliens are laughing at us, we fight for our own interest, our own good. Im still happy that i have real friends, i have a beautiful and lovely wife and a cute son. And a life that I enjoy much! Sorry for this entry i just cant help my self.

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Regie Fernando

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One thought on “Bad day for monday!”

  1. Your friend attacked you because you are a complete idiot. You nolonger can see the nose in front of your own face, you have a BAD case of Hydrocephalus.