I need a new hardrive..

im ranning out of space! My 80gb, 160gb and 200gb is almost full! i onyl got maybe a cumulative of 10gb space. The EOS 5D is a byte eater! Must get one after halloween im eyeing for the 250gb seagate 7200 rpm (non-sata) With this space I can only get around 24000 images in 12mb RAW files not bad since i can maybe use it for 6 months. If i can only afford this 5 of these 750gb seagate barracuda Il be more than happy to save TIFF files more but it retails around $600 🙁

FPPF “Dark” Theme Finalist

Last Saturday I represented PiPho Org at the FPPF photoworld cup. We have two finalist and two top 10 winners. Too bad i only got to the finals but anyway two of my colleagues won the 7th and 3rd palce and Im happy about that. Inspite of the fact that PiPho Org is quite new to FPPF, we are already making a buzz with the recent winnings of our members with FPPF organized contest. Way to go PiPho Org!

Heres my finalist shot

“alone in the dark”

Bad day for monday!

I had a bad day today, one my “friend” assaulted me with his “egoistic” moves. He even accused me of doing things that i don’t. I came to realize thats theres yin & yang, there will always be enemies, there will always be people that don’t like you, there are person’s that only want their self interest.

Many people succeed, but yet many people will pull your leg from your success. Ito siguro yung inggit na tinatawag? I just don’t get it maybe thats why we really don’t have real peace here on earth. Maybe the martians & aliens are laughing at us, we fight for our own interest, our own good. Im still happy that i have real friends, i have a beautiful and lovely wife and a cute son. And a life that I enjoy much! Sorry for this entry i just cant help my self.


As I’ve promised i will continue to upload my Laguna photos today.

Laguna is one of the best province northern part of Luzon. We are very fortunate that we successfully finished our itinerary from Paete to Pagsanjan.

Images from Laguna



Set of favorites from Lake Caliraya


And the last destination. Nightscape at Pagsanjan Arch

Visit my complete gallery of Laguna http://www.pbase.com/tekgik/laguna

Enjoy! 🙂