Typhoon Milenyo

Manila hit hard by typhoon Milenyo today. Luzon wide blackout for almost 7 hours. Right now Milenyo is now on its way to China Sea. It devastatedร‚ย  the Bicol Region and Metro Manila.

The wind is mind boggling it ripped off our garage roof! (See my photo below). He left a lot of garbage all over metro manila.

See its power here from weather.com

And heres the evidence

I think im not going to make it to R. Hidalgo Inauguration tomorrow because i have to fix things early in the morning. Then after that i have a shoot to confirm for lunch time ๐Ÿ™ Oh nohh. Another thing that makes me unhappy is that the Anything Manila Mosaic wont make it… Sisihin si Milenyo!

Return to Subic!

The plan pushed through! We went to Subic for a fresh air. We visited Zoobic Safari! My son enjoyed the animals from monkeys to the tigers. I find the entrance fee to be quite expensive imagine P390 pesos to see tigers, goats, pigs, monkeys and ostrich. The funny part about the Caged Ride was that you will just be roving in a 5000 sq.m perimeter land with two tigers and thats all! If you want to have a close encounter you must pay for additional P200 for the bait. Theres a close encounter in Savannah, again you will only see ostrich, goats and pigs. Id much rather spend my money at Avilon Zoo in Montalban! Its not a waste of time but the fee was only P150 I will shut my mouth. Ok some additional ripping off is that if you want some photo op with the little tigers you should pay for P224 for the blurred photo that they will give you! Fortunately i took a snap for my family.

Its not a bad day after all because as ive said earlier my 1 & 4mos old (Raffy) son was very happy. Me, Weng, Bro and Sis-in-law enjoyed our Go kart Race hahaha my brother beat me ๐Ÿ˜‰
Some snaps.

We also went to Bicentennial park (beside the Go Kart) now called “Lagoon” This park was much nicer back then. ๐Ÿ™

Hong Kong Trip

Its confirmed. We are going to Hong Kong this November. I hope I have my ultrawideness by that time. Im going to take stock photos of Hong Kong including Disneyland. This is the best part of being a stock photographer you travel and enjoy your time with your family then earn money from your photographs.

Subic Bay

Im going to Subic Bay Olongapo tomorrow together with my family. Last time I went there was 2005. Lets see whats beautiful to capture tomorrow. We will try to check out Zoobic if we have time.
For the meantime you can browse my Subic Bay Photos archives here http://www.pbase.com/tekgik/subic_bay_olongapo

Last tuesday

Ok i asked my friend Kervy “Parker” to take a photo of me beside my printed images. As expected im no good in front of the camera. Id rather stay behind ;D

I was with Weng (my wife), Rommel & Len ( my bro & his wife). And also my friends at PinoyPhotography.Org. Thank you to all!

The launch was a success, Canon did it again! Theres a lot of freebies like printers, lenses and other giveaways. They played my video interview together with distinguishable photographers like Edwin Loyola, Pat Dy & Jo Avila. I was very honored to be included on this event.

My “ngiting aso” photo beside some of my photos at the Canon Exhibit.

Thanks Kervy for the photo!

Doctors in Black

Yesterday i had a shoot of group of Doctors at St. Lukes Medical Hospital. The photo will be used for ad campaign. I have to do what i got to do because we only have 15 minutes for the pictorial. These are very busy professionals. Even with the tight schedule we had a great time. They are happy with the shoot when i say the “magic word” thats why they have this grin on their faces ๐Ÿ˜€

I placed a strobe in front of them to provide fill light.