I conquered Mt. Pinatubo

Its a very tiring day last sunday, the trek to Pinatubo’s crater was 40 minutes away and I must say its all worth it. One hour through the rough terrains of the mountains and marshlands. But along the way you’ll see gorgeous landscapes left and right, we just stop for just a few minutes to make a snap of people and sceneries we can’t stay too long because of the itinerary.
There are lots of landscapes that i didnt have the chance to capture well now that i know how to get there, I’d probably be going back one of these days.
I would like to congratulate my friends Team PiPho Pinatubo Expedition Organizers for a job well done, Thank you!

Look at the maginificent crater, I myself did say WOW and my eyes poped out, all my trek exhaustion were vanished. We stayed there for a couple of hours. Some did swim on that beautiful green water.

You can wander around the crater with boats but unfortunately these are ONLY for the Koreans tsk tsk tsk, (pano kaming mga Pinoy? di ba lupa natin ito?) extremely ironic!

The Pinatubo aetas

Stone pickers, this is one of the primary living in San Juan, they are earning Php3 per sack.

I showed the aetas some photos from the marshlands. They are very friendly and willing to smile at you anytime. I promised them that il be bringing prints when i get back.

Lastly our “group hug” PiPho at the crater.

It was a very very fun trip!

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3 thoughts on “I conquered Mt. Pinatubo”

  1. beautiful pictures as ever. this’ll be an additional site i check on everytime i log on to a computer.

    now i’m more and more convinced to get you as my official wedding photog (in 5 years or so)!!!

  2. Hi… nice photos there…
    My friends and i are planning a trip to Pinatubo very soon. Maybe you could give us a contact person/number for the 4×4 rental… would appreciate feedback.


  3. Nice photos.
    are there any more of Mt Pinatubo pics to share ?
    am interested to compare how nice is Pinatubo relatively with other volcanoes in Philipine.
    would appreciate if you’re able to share more of Pinatubo related photos.