Aerial Photography

I was there up in the sky today, with top advertising photographer John Chua of AdPhoto, he invited me to join his photo shoot. Damn! Im such a lucky *astard! 😀 The first time i saw the invite, something crossed my mind (a negative thought) what if accident occurs specially that the date today is 6-6-6 creepy 😀 well one thing i can say is (kung oras mo na, oras mo na) My plan for the morning was all moved in the afternoon.

The scenes above reminds me of my architecture days were in if you are required of large planning (urban planning) you need to show the rendered drawing in aerial perspective.
Its so fantastic how you will see landscapes & structures up above!

Sir John Thank you very much! (sa uulitin)

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2 thoughts on “Aerial Photography”

  1. cool & cute shots! a different perspective & experience in the life of a photog 😉

    i liek the single tree, more-more 🙂