Palace in the sky..No more..

Remember palace in the sky in Tagaytay? Its Peoples park in the sky now, well the fact is its been 4 years now with that name. I guess its more appropriate to call it that because theres nothing royal about the place.

Heres the view from the deck.

A stitched panoramic from my first digital point & shoot Canon Ixus s300 taken last 2002

Click on the photo for larger version


It was People’s Park in the sky way back year 1997. Thanks Din for the clarification.

Ala Infra Red Photos

While Im compiling photos today, i saw my old photos from my canon powershot s30. Something came into my mind which i wanted to try long long ago. When i was starting as a hobbyist i really wanted to try IR Infra Red photography like this gallery of Daniella Thoret. You can see on her gallery how cool & crazy the color is. I was planning on buying a canon g1 or one of the olympus that is IR sensitive but i end up buying a 300d that has no IR capability because they blocked it. Fast forward, i have a couple of IR-like photos processed today which I really love. You wont believe that i only used gradient, hue, curves and the shadow & highlight tool.

From this

Another one. (additional blur tool)

I think Im loving this workflow, I might do this more often πŸ˜€

Kitchen Art?

Nothing to do today…

I made my first batch of “Kitchen Art”. This is our theme of our Org’s monthly contest. Hmmm some interesting concepts i made today, although you can still see the style of my photography the minimalist, simple & clean approach.

Ok so how about this one?

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Sorry i cant reveal the photos hehehe

Raffy’s 1st year birthday

Yesterday was my son’s 1st birthday celebration. Its just a small party held at the original Max’s restaurant in QC.

We rented out a chocolate fountain for the kids and the kids at heart πŸ˜€

Lastly my son Busy Bee. πŸ™‚

It was hard shooting and entertaining guests at the same time. Well I couldn’t resist.

Happy birthday Raffy! We love you!

Thank you very much to those who came 

Pinoy Photography & Infomax tie up promo

Yesterday was the launching of PiPho & Infomax promo. Members of will get 10% discounts in all LowePro products. Im glad that this tie up pushed through. The management and staff was very glad to make this happen. And as of today I got almost 30 members who sent in their emails for the discount. This is in conjunction with PiPho’s 1st year anniversary.

You can view the entire promo mechanics here

Adobe Lightroom beta 3 is out!

Have you heard of the project Lightroom of Adobe? Well if you haven’t its a RAW processor software that competes with Apple’s Aperture. The beta 3 version is out and i must say it is by far the fastest version. Hmmm personally Id still love the straight to Photoshop workflow its more powerful & versatile. Anyway lets see what will be the final release instore for us. You may download the Lightroom beta 3 here .

Google Analytics

I installed google analytics few days back here at, wow i was surprised that i get an average of 400+ pageviews everyday from all over the globe. Not bad! Though I cant compare it with my pbase that gets 2500+ hits everday. Theres a complete overview of marketing, content, pageviews & visits.  This new web utility from google is by invitation only. But I remember that i requested it from the analytics homepage, i dont know maybe you can try it here to request it here Google Analytics

Some screenshot

Its a very useful piece of freeware! I salute google once more!