Photo Rec saved my …

I had a shoot last sunday, its not a paid shoot but it was an important one since it is for my brother. I took photos of them together with his GF. Since im a RAW believer now i shot it RAW on my 512mb Kingston. When im about to convert it with PSCS2 camera raw it said something like the file is corrupted. So im doomed since we shot it in my studio for an hour, prepared props and everything then they will get nothing! I just have the luxury of time looking for a solution this evening and found PhotoRec a crossplatform recovery software for optical media and compact flash cards. I used it with my mac. Although there is no GUI, the program will run on terminal (dos like prog) has a straight forward steps. I was able to resurrect the corrupted .cr2 files from my 350d. The file extensions was automatically renamed as .tif but when you open it, it is still a RAW file.

Before i forgot the software is FREE

You may download it here

I can help you out with the mac version it is a very very very helpful piece of software.

Ice Skating at SM MOA

After my first visit last sunday, I again visited MOA yesterday. Raymart invited me because his niece Julia will be competing, I was very excited because it enticed my slow-shutter-addictness. 😀 I already pre-visualize what to capture and turned out to be a great photo op. It was freaking cold there, silly me i was just wearing shorts. I have some difficulties in focusing because of the fog. And yes i forgot where i parked remember MOA is huge 😀
Congratulations to Julia for bagging 2 2nd Place medals. 🙂

Julia Padilla


SM Mall of Asia

As our weekly family day gettoway malls are our favorite destination. So much has been said with the SM MOA or SM Mall of Asia and all i can say is it is huge! Wide! and the facade is beautiful. There are so many shops that are still closed and will open next month. The iMax theater is already operating, can’t wait to watch a movie there.

Brought along my camera and i fitted my 50mm prime…

Portrait of a stranger

I visited my friend Raymart, and opt to do a photo session near their house. Ok it really sounds interesting to shoot kids playing at the river. Well it turned out to be a very fun photo op with Raymart & JV. This was my second time shooting a similar situation. Although the weather was not that good Uncle Photoshop is there to help us. 😀

UPDATE: Added another photo

Ok so heres the aftermath of the shoot 😀