Been busy…

Im not able to update lately, been busy with work.

Today, I was invited by Canon to beta test and give feedback on how to improve their upcoming website. I dont want to reveal for what its all about what im sure is that Canonites will be very happy. 😀
On the other hand Aliwan Fiesta 2006 just started last April 27. The big event will be tomorrow. Of course i will be there to shoot this amazing event. I think there will be over a million of pesos to be given to the winners!

Il probably update this on sunday after i return for an out of town trip.

For the meantime heres an unguarded moment of cute kid at Manila Zoo. This was taken after the John Chua meet with Mali the elephant at Manila Zoo.

“Shoot me or I’ll shoot you!”

You mat visit my updated Manila Zoo gallery on the link below

Imaginative eye

In every thing there is beauty, we just need to find it…
The photo below was shot from a fitting room. Would you believe that Im supposed to be fitting my tux for my wedding but I was looking for something interesting to capture instead… 😀

The result of my adventure. The corner of the mirror and wall.

I call it “Difference”

Good Friday

Death of Jesus Christ. Today we’ve done our yearly pilgrimage that we call “Bisita Iglesia”. This year we travel the antique churches of Rizal province to the remarkable craftsmanship of Laguna. Along the way I saw an enormous things & scenes to capture; the landscape, seascape and local living of people there.

I have a photo to share which really made my day.



I got a number of photos to share this coming days taken from this trip.